Starlight Milonga 8.26.21

At the Independent Media Center, Urbana, Illinois

This Thursday night performance in the alley between the IMC and Lincoln Square Mall in Urbana was the result of a large group of volunteers. It was also the event that brought Bandoneon Massacre out of its pandemic hibernation.

We blended members of two orchestras — Tamango (Bloomington, Indiana) and Bandoneon Massacre (Urbana, Illinois) — with special guest Hugo Satorre (visiting maestro from Buenos Aires).


  • Winnie Cheung (piano)
  • Hugo Satorre (bandoneon)
  • Amanda Ramey (violin)
  • Janice Lee (violin)
  • Jesse Stark (violin)
  • Chantelle Hougland (viola)
  • Isabel Kwon (cello)
  • Pablo Zavattierri (bass)
  • Joe Grohens (bandoneon)
  • Gosia Konwerska (guitar)
  • Tajal Patel (voice)
  • Jesus Fuentes (piano)
  • Evan Tammen (oboe)

Organizers and Volunteers

  • Chantelle Hougland
  • En-Chi Lin
  • Amanda Ramey
  • Roger Epperson
  • Linda Angeloni
  • Johnny Robinson
  • Carlota Bullard
  • Diana Bikbaeva
  • Fereshteh Sabet
  • Ania Hreczuch
  • Teresa Lawrence
  • Kelly Bradham
  • Jan Hill